Let your

art soar

how we began


In 2011, sisters Nancy and Lyn sold their homes on the West Coast and returned to a small town in Ohio in order to join their siblings in providing care for their 80 year old parents.  It would be the first time in 35 years that all 6 siblings were to reside within 10 miles of one another, a fun fact which has brought much joy to the family (especially their parents!)  Their challenge was how to reinvent themselves in this new rural environment while still having time for family care.  In order to have a flexible schedule they decided to give up their professional careers to follow their artistic dreams.  Thus the launch of "Let Your Art Soar."

Using a variety of mixed media techniques, their whimsical and romantic original art is formed in layers and is designed to evoke memories.  Just like looking at clouds or interpreting a dream, everyone's experience is unique and the more you look, the more you see.  From a thoughtful journey into meditative moments to a more lighthearted walk by a humorous quote, their art covers the spectrum.  Overall they enjoy making art that is happy.  To shop, please visit their store at www.letyourartsoar.etsy.com 




Nancy majored in fine art in college and never got rusty although her career took her in other directions including to Hollywood where she worked on many weekly sitcoms and movies. Lyn pursued a professional career on the West Cost but always dabbled in interior and landscape design which she  often found much more interesting than working in the ivory tower. The sister's mutual fascination with mixed media techniques have lit a passion in each as they work tirelessly through the day and night creating new designs.